19 – 21 June 2020

Have a dancing city break!

Share your love for West Coast Swing, see old friends and make new ones!



Olivier & Virginie Massart

Teacher, Choreographer

Olivier and Virginie are living in Lyon, France, the city known like “the capital of WCS in Europe”. Since 2010, they have been sharing their passion for west coast swing, competing at renown events, like Swing Diego, several times finishing in TOP 5 in Champions level JnJ.

semionmaria B

Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elizarova


Maria and Semion have been dance partners for about five years. They were the first Russians to ever get to US Open Classic finals in both 2016 and 2017. They also got the second place at The Open Classic finals in 2018.


Philipp & Ekaterina Wolff


Philipp and Ekaterina is a young teaching couple, but very passionate and dedicated to west coast swing.
Philipp had a background in ballroom latin and salsa, Ekaterina was a Champion level Russian Discofox dancer before moving to Germany.

Dancing to the center of the Earth

Join us for an exclusive workshop held in a sci-fi theme park in the depths of a massive underground salt mine.

Medieval salt mine transformed into underground amusement park

Romanian theme park hiding 400 feet underground!

Publicată de Culture Trip pe Sâmbătă, 24 Iunie 2017


Workshop Passes

Dance Pass

8 hours of workshops (including salt mine)
3 parties

Event Pass

8 hours of workshops (including salt mine)
3 parties
Saturday lunch
Sunday brunch at the salt mine

Full Pass

8 hours of workshops (including salt mine)
3 parties
Saturday lunch
Sunday brunch at the salt mine
Sunday dinner with the teachers
Friday morning treasure hunt in the city

Social Passes

Three parties – 100€
One party – 60€


  • Groups of 5 or more persons with workshop passes have 10€ discount per participant.
    For more details about group registrations read the event rules or contact the organizers.
  • International travelers have 10€ discount per participant even if not registering as a group.
  • WSDC Advanced dancers have a 50% discount of any passes.
  • WSDC All Star dancers have free Event Pass.

Note: discounts cannot be combined.


Take a break between dance classes and discover the beautiful city of Cluj Napoca. Play the video to see why you should visit the heart of Transylvania.

Why Visit Cluj?

De ce ar trebui să vizitezi Clujul?Why Visit Cluj?

Publicată de Visit Cluj pe Duminică, 26 Iunie 2016

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