Spend a 100% West Coast Swing weekend with over 7 hours / level workshops and a talented staff. Our purpose is to have a great time each year sharing our passion for WCS with others, meet old friends and make new ones!

Napoca Swing Festival (NSF) is an international event organised by Napoca Westies Dance School in the heart of Transylvania – the city of Cluj Napoca. Its first edition started in 2016 as a way to promote the American dancing style among the local community and gather the West Coast Swing dancers from Romania and beyond.

In 2020 at its 5th edition, NSF it is the only festival in the region that promotes this style of dance. Napoca Swing Festival has three major components: cultural, social and educational. Its program consists of dance classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced, open air demonstrations, fun competition, parties and free West Coast Swing classes for the public.

NSF is a discrimination-free event, opened for anyone who understands the art of dancing as an universal language, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or disabilities.

Swing means pure joy. Dancing West Coast Swing will put a smile on your face, regardless of how good or bad your day was. This easy-to-learn dancing style kept some legacy moves from rock and roll, lindy hop and jive but adapted in a way that makes it versatile and acrobatic. West Coast Swing can be performed no matter the genre and rhythm of the music – from jazz and latino all the way to electronic tunes. This way, the WCS dancers will enjoy the parties longer, no matter who the DJ is.

We invite you all to discover its beauty and share the love for West Coast Swing.


See you in Cluj Napoca at your dancing city break!

Napoca Swing Festival 2020