Olivier & Virginie Massart

Olivier and Virginie are living in Lyon, France, the city known as “the capital” of West Coast Swing in Europe.  Since 2010, they have been sharing their passion for West Coast Swing as dance partners. Together with Maxime Zzaoui and Henriette Koefoed, they formed “Mov High” ensemble, the first WCS troupe in Europe. In 2011, Virginie and Olivier became European Champions in the Classic category with their very Blues routine! They teach in the biggest events of the WCS world and compete in the “Champions” category. Olivier and Virginie organise two of the major West Coast Swing events in Europe: “French Open WCS” and “West In Lyon”.

Every weekend, for the whole year, they are on the road to teach and share their love for West Coast Swing.

Technique, fun moves, humour and musicality are their master skills and they will have them in their suitcases for you!

Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elizarova

Maria and Semion have been dance partners for about five years. They were the first Russians to ever get to US Open Classic finals in both 2016 and 2017. They also got the second place at The Open Classic finals in 2018.

Their partnership emphasizes technique, musicality and connection. They love the possibilities for communication and dialogue between partners during every dance, and seek to help their students discover this incredibly fun aspect of WCS. They share a philosophy that care and attention are the best things partners can give to each other during any dance.

Semion has been dancing ever since he was eight. He started with ballroom dancing first, then got into social dancing, and finally into West Coast Swing. When he started competing in WCS, he got to Intermediate level very fast and kept on winning every competition he took part in. He is known for his musicality and great connection with his partners.

Maria has been dancing since 2007. In 2008 she fell in love with social partner dances. She started learning hustle/discofox and salsa. She had been dancing hustle and discofox for 4 years, working on her solo choreography as well when West Coast Swing came in to her dancing life. After that she couldn’t stop dancing WCS. She enjoys the versatility of the dance, bringing new emotions, options for musicality and styling to every dance.


Philipp & Ekaterina Wolff

Philipp and Ekaterina is a young teaching couple, but very passionate and dedicated to west coast swing.

Philipp had a background in ballroom Latin and salsa, Ekaterina was a Champion level Russian Discofox dancer before moving to Germany. They both are All-Star level wcs dancers and the most competitively successful couple in Germany. They teach regular wcs classes in Tanzschule Gutmann in Freiburg every week, as well as directing JT Swing Teams (JV routine, seasons 5 and 6).

Their philosophy is that every person can enjoy the dancing. It’s not only about sweat and tears and hours spent in the ballroom for routine practice – but it’s also about joy and freedom, and finding the ways of communication with any other dancer. The human body has limits, also every person has a different amount of time available for this hobby, but it doesn’t mean somebody couldn’t feel happy in this dance. They feel that technic is important – but on the level that allows a dancer to feel confident and safe for themselves and their partner, and enjoy the connection and all the fun wcs can bring.