Dina Pop

Teacher, Choreographer


Dina began dancing at the age of 8. The study went on from classical dance to ballroom dance which she practiced at the highest level, winning county and national competitions as well as performing on stage at festivals around the country. Since 1998 she is an instructor and choreographer. She diversifies her professional activity by addressing several dance styles, holding charity workshops for cancer patients and blind people, participating in TV shows and attending international workshops. In 2006 while visiting the US, Dina had the opportunity to learn West Coast Swing. She took lessons from internationally acknowledged teachers. In 2007 she introduced WCS in her social dance classes, being among the first to approach this style of dance in Romania. In 2009 she founded Napoca Westies Dance School, the only school in Cluj-Napoca where you can learn WCS and Lindy-Hop in separate classes. Since then many people got attracted to this dance and the local community grew. Currently the school has frequent classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Since 2016, she is the organizer and director of the Napoca Swing Festival.


Eszter Rangyak



Eszter is dancing since 2003. She started with Transylvanian folk dance, practicing it for over 10 years, even teaching for 2 years in Bucharest. In 2011 she saw a video with West Coast Swing style for the first time, and instantly fell in love with it. Starting in Bucharest and later continuing in Cluj, she learned quite quickly the basis. Since then she is continuously improving her style and technique, growing her fascination and love for this dance. Currently, she is teaching at Napoca Westies Dance School and organises Napoca Swing Festival.