What makes NSF an amazing experience

Napoca Swing Festival is at its 5th edition this year with more surprises as before. It all started with a simple dance festival, small and social, made with friends and for them. With hard work and a lot of stubbornness, we aspire to offer an amazing experience where you get to share the love for west coast swing, connect with other dancers, be they teachers or beginners, and discover the city.

The Dancing Experience

As each year, you get to meet great teacher this edition as well: Olivier and Virginie Massart from France, Semion Ovsiannikov and Maria Elizarova from Russia, and Philipp and Ekaterina Wolff from Germany. All three couples have unique dance styles and teaching techniques.

Every participant will have 8 hours of workshops split in three days. As the festival is of a limited size, the groups will be small and the workshop experience will be more of a focused group with the possibility to directly interact with the teachers and to get immediate feedback as during a private less.

There will be three parties, where you can have fun after the intense learning during the day, dance your heart out, connect with all westies from beginners to advanced and of course your teachers. Saturday night is the 20’s themed party, with fun competition and pro shows.

There might be some surprises during the parties, but for that you’ll have to come to see for yourselves. 😉

The City Break Experience

One of our surprizes for this edition is an exclusive treasure hunt, custom made for west coast swing dancers. Our witty and talented partners from Cluj Hunt will send you on a fun quest to discover the city, finding clues and solving puzzles with your fellow dancers. Read more about this experience here.

A tradition that we keep is having the last day’s classes in an iconic salt mine near the city, at Salina Turda. We will start with a healthy brunch (to help us recover after the big Saturday party) and continue with 3 hours of workshops in the salt mine, finishing with some free time to visit it.

Sunday evening we invite you to join your teachers for a cozy dinner. This is an exclusive event, where you get to indulge in local cuisine and friendly discussions. The location will remain a surprise for now.

The Whole Experience

The main reason we call NSF an experience and not just your regular dance festival is the level of attention to detail, the cozy and friendly atmosphere. 

Organizing this festival we aim to keep the perfect balance between learning, relaxing and having fun. We care enough to make time for you to get proper meals and proper sleep, that you can truly pay attention at workshops and still have energy at the parties.

Given the size of the festival, you get the chance to interact with all festival participants during and outside of classes. Given the location of the festival, you get the chance to explore the city whenever you have a break.

See you on the 19th of June, we are eager to connect!